Monday, April 27, 2009

The backup model

Several months ago, I took an order for some commissioned fine art nudes. The specs were a bit specific, calling for a model with long shiny hair, fair skin, and a small-busted figure with long graceful lines. I knew the perfect model. I didn't think she would consider nude work, but I asked her anyway. She said "no thanks," so I put out some casting calls. A different model, who I'd shot non-nude work with before, e-mailed me and said that while she didn't exactly fit the specs, she might be interested as a backup model. I thanked her but told her I didn't think she would work for this job. She definitely had the hair, but she was too dark complected and too full-busted for the description the client had requested. At the time I thought that was kind of a shame, because I was certain I could get the feeling the client wanted with her if he hadn't been quite so particular about the model. Time passed, I put out more casting calls, and still no model. After a couple months, I contacted the "backup" model and told her that if she could commit to the job, I would see if I could get the client to agree to use her for the shoot. She agreed and, while it wasn't an easy conversation, the client also reluctantly agreed to trust me to produce the images he wanted with a different model than he envisioned. It took a little juggling to find a date that worked for both of us, but we finally got a shoot together. We produced some of the best images I've ever put my name on. The client was thrilled with his choices. The model did a fantastic job and was a real pleasure to work with. We got plenty of images for the client to consider, and quite a few fantastic outtakes as well. What more can you ask from a "backup" model. :) What more can you ask from any model? The client chose his three favorite images, and they won't be shown anywhere except in his collection. The images you see here are my personal favorites from the remainder. As for the "backup model," she turned out to be one of my favorite artistic nude models I've ever worked with. I haven't heard yet if she liked the images. I hope she's happy enough with them that she'll consider working with me again, but either way I owe her a great big thank you for her work on this project. In the end, she was the perfect model, not the backup model. Sometimes, everything comes together and life is good.

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