Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just for the laugh

Here's a recent e-mail exchange with a prospective model. I haven't responded to her last e-mail yet.  I think you'll see why at the end.

July 19: XXXXXXX wrote:
Hi! I totally love your photos. How do I go about being a model for you? I'm 19, 5'6, about 135 pounds, and have short blond hair. I know I'm not classic model material, but I would really love to do some photos for you. Here is a picture. I look forward to hearing from you.

July 20: Tim Hammond wrote:
Hi XXX. Thank you for contacting me. Based on your photo and description I'm definitely interested in meeting with you to discuss modeling. Just so there's no confusion, I am primarily an art nude photographer. If you're not interested in nude work, that doesn't mean we can't work together, but it would greatly limit the projects I could use you for. I have an opening on Thursday at 5:00. Would that work for you to meet and talk things over?

July 20: XXXXXXX wrote:
Yes, that works perfect. Where shall we meet?

July 20, Tim Hammond wrote:
… directions to the studio … not needed for the story

July 22:
We met at the studio. She came alone. I gave my usual spiel. She listened. She didn't ask any questions. I told her it would be trade work, not paid, and I went over the written agreement with her point by point. Again, I asked if she had any questions about anything, and she said no. I asked to see any tattoos, piercings, or scars that might show, and to see the skin quality on her back, butt, legs, and chest. She stripped down to bra and panties without comment. At the end I asked if she wanted to take some time and think it over before scheduling a shoot. She said "No, I'm excited. When can we shoot?" So we scheduled a shoot for this coming Saturday, August 7.

July 23: XXXXXXX wrote:
I was wondering, is it OK if I bring someone along? I'm kind of nervous about being naked alone.

July 23: Tim Hammond wrote:
Extra people can disrupt the creative workflow and be distracting, even unintentionally, so I prefer to not have anyone present who's not involved in the shoot. However that's a preference not a rule. I also recognize that some models with little experience simply will not be comfortable enough to model for art work unless they have a friend along. Therefore you are welcome to bring one friend/companion along to any meeting or shoot, as long as they don't interfere with the photography. If you do choose to bring someone along, please make sure it's someone you're totally comfortable posing in front of and who won't distract you from paying attention to me and the camera, and please make sure they understand their role. They are NOT there to direct the session or approve/disapprove shots. Creating imagery is an artistic collaboration between you and me, not a committee decision. Who you bring is totally your choice, but it's been my experience that a sister or girlfriend is a much better choice than a "significant other." If they're well behaved and supportive of us creating art together then all will go well. However if your escort disrupts the photography in any way I will *insist* that they either sit in the other room or leave, your choice, and if that's not acceptable I'll just call off the shoot.

July 24: XXXXXXX wrote:
OK, I think I have a girl friend who will come. I can't wait!

August 1: Tim Hammond wrote:
Hi XXX. Just wanted to touch base and make sure we're still on for next Saturday.

August 2: XXXXXXX wrote:
Yes, we're still on. My girl friend can't come though, but my boyfriend can. Is that OK?

August 2: Tim Hammond wrote:
Yes, that's OK, but MAKE SURE he reads and understands the e-mail I sent before about escorts. He cannot interfere with the photography in any way.

August 2: XXXXXXX wrote:
OK, he read it and said that's fine. I'll see you Saturday. I can't wait!

August 4: XXXXXXX wrote:
I guess I do have one question. My boyfriend wants to know how much he gets paid for being my escort. Can you let me know? Thanks.

I'm speechless at the moment.  Just not sure how to respond.


  1. I am speechless too.

    And why exactly would this 'escort' expect to be paid?

    After agreeing that it would be trade work for her, why would she expect you to pay her escort to bring her?

    *shakes head*

  2. Classic. You couldn't make that stuff up.


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