Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To see and feel in a maginfied fashion

I saved this quote once, from an unknown source:
It is the artist's blessing to be able to create, but it is also their curse that to be able to create, they see and feel things in a magnified fashion, and it is through the expression of those perceptions and feelings into physical form that some of most beautiful works are born.
I often wonder, when I encounter someone who inspires me, whether there's any way short of showing them, that I could explain to them how they inspire me, how they make me see and feel in a magnified fashion, how they look through artist's eyes.  More and more, I believe there's probably not.

I recently shot some bodyscapes with a friend as the model. When she saw these, she said "I didn't believe my body could look like that, that only other people could."  I've known since the very first moment I saw her that it could.  She doesn't fit the Barbie-doll stereotype of modern beauty, but she is a uniquely beautiful and sensual human. I could explain that to her until I dropped dead from exhaustion and she would never get it.  The only way to make it believable is to show it.

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